Free Online Dating Services – How to find genuine Dating…

Finding genuine free dating services can be a plethora of disingenuous information for the uninitiated in the world of online dating. As the Internet is constantly evolving, information that might have been pertinent a few years ago or even a few months might suddenly be out of touch today.

This applies especially in the word of dating services. Just a few years ago it was rare to find dating services being advertised as completely free, somewhere down the line, after signing up to the allege free dating service, members would be disappointed to find that they might have to pay to read a message that has been sent to their inbox, or pay or upgrade their membership to read, receive or send messages.

Some sites are genuinely free to receive and send messages, but the quality of these sites might not be up to a satisfactory level, but many uninitiated to the world of dating services, might be impressed by the template of the site and see quite a lot of members signing up (possibly each day), and may not realise that a large part of the membership are not genuine at all, but simply created by the administrator of the site to give the impression of it being a busy site.

But it doesn’t stop there, there is a disturbing ploy used by certain sites, where any genuine member that signs up, to their free dating service, suddenly has their inbox filled with messages from other members, claiming how much they would like to get together, the messages are allegedly from very pretty and handsome members, with the sole aim; getting the members to upgrade their membership via credit card or some other payment method to a premium membership, while unbeknownst to them those messages came from bots, pre-programmed scripts run by the administrator of the site to trick individuals into upgrading their membership.

Unfortunately it doesn’t end there, because once the unlucky member has upgraded to a premium membership, the chances of them cancelling the subscription even after cancelling their membership on the site is very low, as the required monthly subscription will be deducted from their credit card for the on going future regardless of how many times they ask for their membership to be cancelled, the only solution in such a scenario would be to contact their credit card company and ask for the card to be terminated or all subscription payments to the said site to be cancelled.

But the major problem of getting people to arrive at a website, and continue to be a regular member at the online dating site, is the one of the most difficult obstacles facing an online dating site, or indeed any site for that matter, many dating services have attempted to eradicate this problem by paid search, such as those used for Google Adwords, or an affiliate program where affiliates who send traffic to them get paid sometimes for each lead they generate, but this in itself has fueled false membership sign ups, where affiliates simply create profiles to get paid. So in conclusion when judging a free dating service, communication over a period of time will aide in sorting out genuine members from false ones.

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