xxxblackbook affiliate program loadedcash

XXXblackbook alledgedly also have an affiliate program, by the name of loadedcash, I say alledgedly because on the face of it, just as it’s website with bogus members, it tries to entice affiliates with unheard of potential earnings, something like $1.50 per click, I don’t know of any company that pays those rates for ppc especially in the dating niche; it all sounds too good to be true until you read the small print; aka its’ terms and conditions, which it states in the traditional small print lingo, that you only get $1.50 per click IF ONE in TWO of your VISITORS converts to a paying membership else you don’t get paid a cent.

Any internet marketeer would realise the chances of one in two of your referrals signing up to a paid membership are between slim and none, not to mention it incorporates a method where it does not have to pay the affiliate for anything by “shaving their leads” i.e. removing the commissions from it’s database claiming the 1:2 ratio of visitors to paid conversion has not been met.

It seems the whole affiliate program as well as its’ dating sites are utter drivel that shouldn’t be touched with a barge pole, no doubt its’ staff visit various forums pretending to be affiliates getting a big fat check every month, but at least now you should know better.

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