One to avoid xxxblackbook

This came from I think it is pretty relevant:

This company is a complete fraud. They troll Craig’s List and other valid Internet sites with computer generated listings of supposedly women looking for men. A response to one of the listings gets a referral to a profile claimed to be on this site which is promoted as free to register on.

It is obviously not free, and the people on it are in fact computer generated, illustrated with stolen or stock photos but with no actual profile information which, I guess would require a real person to make up and populate the phony database.

The new registrant can not actually contact any of these people without first putting a credit card up for grabs and agreeing to dollar-a-day billing rates. To encourage said sucker to expose the credit card, he (or possibly she) gets ‘flirts’ and listings from all these hot sexy people who are actually nothing more than computer bots.

How do I know? To test them I put up a phony listing with **obviously bogus** stats: I listed myself as supposedly being 75 years old, 4’6” tall, 350lbs, bald, drinking, smoking and drugging heavily, and my main fetish is supposedly sex with goats. My picture was a photo of my pet dog and the headline was ‘Are you that stupid?’

Despite this absurd listing, I got three or four supposed flirts and contacts a day from major hot-looking young babes and spammed with aggressive reminders that I can contact these ladies if I just hand over my credit card.

I knew better than to do that but how many do they rope in? Also if you are stupid enough to give them a card, the subscription will auto renew ‘until cancelled’ and I am sure they make that process a nightmare.

Kent, Washington

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