Real women

A few times I have almost fallen for the old trick of someone trying to get you to their site by pretending to be a woman, and seeming interested, I think the old adage of it looks too good to be true it probably isn’t equally applies to any random ad of a highly sexed [...]

xxxblackbook affiliate program loadedcash

XXXblackbook alledgedly also have an affiliate program, by the name of loadedcash, I say alledgedly because on the face of it, just as it’s website with bogus members, it tries to entice affiliates with unheard of potential earnings, something like $1.50 per click, I don’t know of any company that pays those rates for ppc [...]

One to avoid xxxblackbook

This came from I think it is pretty relevant: This company is a complete fraud. They troll Craig’s List and other valid Internet sites with computer generated listings of supposedly women looking for men. A response to one of the listings gets a referral to a profile claimed to be on this site which [...]

One singleton’s musings on the world of on line dating

I see quite a lot of free dating websites, promising everything under the sun. For someone like me I am a little curious just how many of these so called free dating sites are the genuine article? I certainly don’t want to join one and find out I am getting automated queries from alledged “women” [...]